JCIO 21/23

Date: 07 August 2023





Shushil Rai JP


A spokesperson for the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said:

The Lord Chancellor, with the Lord Chief Justice’s agreement, has removed Mrs Shushil Rai JP, of the Central London Bench, from the magistracy for failure, without reasonable excuse, to meet the minimum sitting requirements of a magistrate.

On appointment, magistrates sign a declaration and undertaking, which includes a commitment to complete the required minimum number of sittings or, if they fail to do so without acceptable reason, resign.

The summary process in the Judicial Conduct (Magistrates) Rules 2014 enables an advisory committee to recommend a magistrate’s removal from office without further investigation where that magistrate has failed without a reasonable excuse to meet their minimum sittings requirements.

Mrs Rai was appointed to the magistracy in 2001. She has only met her minimum sitting requirements once since 2018.

In recommending Mrs Rai’s removal from office, the London Conduct Advisory Committee concluded that Mrs Rai demonstrated a pattern of giving assurances about her commitment to meeting the minimum sittings requirements, but then failing to do so.

Having considered the mitigation offered by Mrs Rai, the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor agreed with the recommendation to remove Mrs Rai from office.




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Sanctions for misconduct by judicial office-holders are set out in the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. They are, in order of severity: formal advice, formal warning, reprimand and removal from office.

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